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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 84 - Possibly Almost at Training Camp Edition

Today, David Sarch and I got together to record another episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast: Talking Red. Normally, this would be the time for us to get excited for training camp. Instead, we're less than a week away from learning whether there will be a lockout or not. In any case, David and I talk about the signing of Damon Severson and Reece Scarlett, the news that everyone is either healthy or is coming along fine, what's going on at our respective websites, and answer a few questions. We also digress into the Giants for a bit (Talking Blue?). This show has it all and then some.

Thanks to David for having me on again for this episode. As usual, there are several ways to listen to this episode of Talking Red. You can go find the show at iTunes or Stitcher. You can also get it directly from the TR website. You can even continue on after the jump of this post to listen to a stream of it. Either way, the show is 27:19 long and 12.51 MB large.

You can leave your questions for future shows and comments about this show in this post or at the TR website. Thanks for listening.