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Devils in the Details: 9/6/12: Impending Doom Edition

Devils Links

The Devils are hoping that there won't be a lockout [Fire and Ice]

Catching Fire! [Talking Red]

Hockey Links

The CBA for Dummies, by Dummies [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Gabriel Landeskog has been named Captain of the Colorado Avalanche, and is now the youngest permanent captain in NHL history [PHT]

The New York Rangers could've had Steven Stamkos for a song. Thank goodness that didn't happen. [Blueshirt Banter]

Shea Weber's 14 year $110 million contract doesn't have an NTC [On the Forecheck]

The 24 Team Solution (aka contraction) [The Leafs Nation]

Who remembers Richard Zednik's throat getting cut? I do, it was pretty scary [Backhand Shelf]

Playing hockey on Acid [Battle of California]