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Devils in the Details - 9/19/2012: Ilya is Captain (in Russia) Edition

Your links for today:

Devils Links

Ilya Kovalchuk has been named captain of SKA St. Petersberg. [Sportsnet]

Locked out Devils players have bought ice time on the team's practice rink to stay in shape. So this is what it has come to. [Fire and Ice]

Hockey Links

Daly and Fehr were supposed to talk yesterday about when to meet again. [PHT]

Nice summary of where NHLers are headed during the lockout: [Backhand Shelf]

The lockout has taken it's first victim: Stanley C. Panther. Two words: single tear. [Puck Daddy]

With all this extra time, hockey fans are turning their talents...elsewhere. Here's a roundup of lockout songs: [Puck Daddy]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.