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Devils in the Details- 9/18/12: It Begins Edition

Devils Links

Again, content on Devils sites haven't been locked out. In fact, there's a new Talking Red [Talking Red]

Local businesses will suffer from the lockout []

Peter DeBoer plans on making the best out of the lockout [Fire and Ice]

Marek Zidlicky will be joining HC Kladno of the Czech league [@Toddcordell]

Hockey Links

We're locked out and we know it [The Royal Half]

So Apparently Don Fehr mentioned a strike in D2: The Mighty Ducks [First Round Bust]

What are teams offering STHs during the lockout? [Days of Y'Orr]

If there's an amnesty clause, who should each team use it on? [Backhand Shelf]

Hockey in a roman amphitheatre [Puck Daddy]

This .gif is inexplicably hypnotic and awesome [via @sarah_Connors]