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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 85 - Locked Out

Recorded on Sunday, posted on Monday, and it doesn't really matter all that much as the situation remains the same. The NHL is still locking out the players. Nevertheless, there's a new episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast Talking Red where we talk about, what else, the lockout. With David Sarch enjoying all kinds of sounds on the road, E.J. Fagan stepped in to host this week's episode. We both discuss about how Albany may get stronger on paper, wonder what will happen with the other Devils, and just react to the news that seemed inevitable in retrospect.

Thanks to E.J. for hosting this week's show. As usual, there are several ways to listen to this episode of Talking Red. You can go find the show at iTunes or Stitcher. You can also get it directly at the TR You can even continue on after the jump of this post to listen to a stream of it. Either way, the show is about 30 minutes long and 14.5 MB large.

You can leave your questions for future shows and comments about this show in this post or at the TR website. Thanks for listening.