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Devils in the Details- 9/11/12: Atlantic Division Roundtable Edition

Tonight - John and the rest of the SBN bloggers in the Atlantic Division will take part in a live video roundtable. That's right, we're talking hockey, it'll be live at 8 PM EST, and you can even watch it here at ILWT this evening. See you then!

A Reminder

I might not be anAmerican, but a good majority of you are, so the 11th anniversary of 9/11 means more to you than it does to me. With that being said, here's a special link for today- Always remember, never forget [The Program]

CBA Links

Teams are going to lose money, and a lockout isn't going to stop that [Puck Daddy]

Players have been saving up money for a lockout [PHT]

Bill Daly calls the PA's tactics "a joke" [PHT]

The Players want to play, not negotiate [PHT]

Hockey Links

If there's a link that you should read, it's this one about how hockey's culture of sexual abuse should change [Backhand Shelf]

A review of NHL 13. Surprizingly, there's no mention of the "Disappearing Claude Giroux" bug [Down Goes Brown]

How can the Hurricanes overcome their poor defense? By emulating the Devils of course [Shutdown Line]

Brian Burke is on the hot seat right now [The Leafs Nation]

The worst of the Stanley Cup Tattoos. Still won't beat Brad Marchand's "Champians" Tattoo [The Royal Half]