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Goodbye...and Thanks

Well after two years, today will be my final post on In Lou We Trust.

While I would love to continue writing (as I do enjoy it...a lot) unfortunately 'life' and other responsibilities are in the way. It's not a decision I necessarily wanted to make but one that at this time I had to make. I no longer have an adequate amount of time to contribute as much as I would like or more importantly provide the type of effort that I think the site deserves. It is frustrating for me because there are still so many things I want to write about/research but it's just the realization that I don't have the time to do it.

But In Lou We Trust (as always) is in great hands. One of the reasons I'm comfortable leaving is all the great voices that are here. Starting with John then with Kevin and Matt now we've added Karen, Jerry and Nate to the mix to create a great group of writers.

Before I go I do want to offer some thanks.

First I want to thank my first editor, my wife. Besides shaming me for writing in a passive voice, she helped bring my grammar up to a 'serviceable' level and spent a lot of her free time proofing my posts before they went out.

Thanks to John for giving me the chance to share my thoughts and opinions. I was drawn to the site by his thorough analysis and command of all issues related to the Devils and was quite honored he gave me a voice on his site. This is the best Devils focused site on the internet. No contest.

Thanks to David Sarch of Talking Red for allowing me to hop on some shows to share my thoughts with his audience. On Talking Red I got to talk with Bobby Holik, Corey Pronman of Hockey Prospectus Mike Morreale of and a host of other people in the hockey world.

And last, but certainly not least, thank all of you readers. First for reading my posts and more importantly for challenging any concepts or ideas you didn't agree with. One of the great aspects of this website -or any here at SBN- is the fan community. It encourages meaningful dialogue between people who disagree on things. For the most part it's always done respectfully and for me it helped me understand various issues/positions others held. At the end of the day I may not agree with a certain position, but I sure do respect where the person is coming from.

That all said, I'm still going to be around. Whether it's in the comments section defending the need for enforcers or hanging out in a gamethread I will still be active on the site. In other words, you aren't getting rid of me entirely.

Again, thank you was my pleasure.