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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 80 - Puck Daddy's Essential Summer Series

There really hasn't been any news about the New Jersey Devils within the last week. There likely won't be too much about them in the near future since the lone loose end with the roster appears to be Petr Sykora right now. However, there's a good reason why there's a brand new episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast Talking Red. To discuss the essentials of the organization.

TR Maestro David Sarch was contacted by Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy to provide a list of "essentials" regarding the Devils ranging from player to broadcaster to a game. The one person, event, or thing that the fanbase holds near and dear to their hearts; and those who don't know should know about the franchise. David and I worked on completing the list as best as we could and you can see our choices and explanation for the Devils' essentials in this post at Puck Daddy. David figured they're worth discussing so earlier this week, David, Tom Stivali, and myself talked about the list, what was chosen, what else could be chosen, and some other nostalgia-induced digressions.

Thanks to David for having me on this show. There are a number of ways to listen to this particular episode. You can get it directly at the Talking Red website. You can get it at iTunes or Stitcher. You can even continue on after the jump to listen to a stream of it right here at this very site. No matter how you choose to listen, this episode is 55:32 long and 25.42 MB large.

Did you agree with what we selected as the Devils' essentials and our explanations? If not, what would you have selected instead? Thanks for listening.