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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 82 - The Off the Ice Edition

Not much of anything happened to the New Jersey Devils within the past week. That doesn't mean we could deprive you of another episode of the Devils podcast, Talking Red. David Sarch and myself talk about the latest news with respect to ownership and what's going on with our respective sites. As you know by now there are two new writers (Karen, Jerry) and a new links person (Nate). There will be more content at TR in the future other than podcasts in the coming weeks too. On top of all that, David also interviewed Jesse Spector of the Sporting News about the current Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

Thanks to Jesse Spector for taking the time to talk to David and thanks to David for having me on again. As usual, there are several ways to listen to this episode of Talking Red. You can go find the show at iTunes or Stitcher. You can get it directly from the TR website. You can even continue on after the jump of this post to listen to a stream of it. Either way, the show is 34:54 long and 15.97 MB large.

Please leave your comments and questions in the comments section. Thanks for listening.