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Devils in the Details - 8/17/2012: Play Through The Pain Edition

Your links for today:

Devils Links

David Clarkson revealed today that he played with a broken foot during the postseason. Ow. []

The New York Post has a report that says Jeff Vanderbeek is on the verge of a deal with lenders that will keep him in control of the team for at least two years. Obviously, consider the source, but as Greg Wyshynski says over at Puck Daddy, "No guarantees that this deal is going to get done, but certainly more positive news on the Devils' debt front than we've heard in months." [NY Post]

Again, consider the above source. The Star-Ledger takes a little deeper look at the whole situation and how the CBA negotiations could affect Vanderbreek's work. []

Apparently Calgary billionaire Bill Gallacher has his sights set on buying all or part of the Devils. [The Fourth Period]

NHL Network is running a poll to determine the fan favorite overtime playoff game from 2012. The Devils have four entries, but I think we all know which one to vote for. []

Hockey Links

With a chance to save millions of dollars in the new CBA, Bettman and the owners probably don't care too much that they come across as villains. [Slap Shot]

A look back at the last lockout, when some NHLers dispersed and did quite well in leagues around the world. [Backhand Shelf]

Another one this week for the advanced numbers folks: NHL Numbers takes a look at creating a competition metric based on ice time. [NHL Numbers]

Guess who's back? Alex Kovalev is hoping it's himself. In the NHL. [TSN]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.