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2012 ILWT Audition Results: Welcome Karen & Jerry as New Writers

On August 2, I posted the eleventh and final audition post for new writers for In Lou We Trust. A decision languished for over a week as I sought the opinions of others, read the posts, and thought in general about who would be a good fit. I didn't expect to take that long, to be fair. It was a tough decision because most of the 11 posts were actually quite good. Once again, I'm pleasantly surprised by the community that has fostered here at ILWT that I can publicly request new writers, subject them to a time window and rules for entries, and promise only attention and there was a significant response from users both new and old.

OK, everyone had their own warts with respect to the writing itself, but I saw a lot of good in the posts too. Clearly, every one of the 11 had something to say and were clearly passionate about the Devils to write as much about the team in the dead of July and August. As I read them, some of them really stuck out and I thought that those writers should consider starting Devils blogs of their own or writing elsewhere because with some practice and perseverance, they could be quite good. After all, that's how I got started and it took me years, even after the Blogspot days, to get to the level ILWT currently sits at.

Anyway, the two writers who stuck out that I did choose to be a part of In Lou We Trust going forward are Karen Meilands (formerly KMYL) and Jerry Tierney (formerly JTdevs). Karen had the post about Dainius Zubrus complete with interesting pictures; while Jerry had the post looking at potential Plans C, D, and E for the Devils in this offseason. Both posts made an impact in their own way and I feel they can contribute on a regular basis. Congratulations to both Karen and Jerry. You'll see their first new works later this week. Please welcome Karen and Jerry to In Lou We Trust.

I'd like to thank all of the users who sent in something for the audition process. Submitting anything at all takes some level of confidence and courage that should get nothing but appreciation. Those who submitted but not selected should at least consider blogging or continue to be a part of this community through FanPosts and the like because I think other Devils fans would really appreciate what you may have to say. Don't be discouraged by not being picked; but be encouraged that you have a voice and it's worth hearing on some level - here or elsewhere. Even if you don't, I thank you for taking a shot at it and expressing a desire to be a part of In Lou We Trust. If nothing else, you can be proud that you put in the effort that others aren't willing to do.

After the jump is a list of all of the entries listed by user. They've all been updated so they're properly credited instead of Writer A, Writer B, etc.

The 2012 ILWT Audition Entries:

Again, I thank each and everyone of the 11 who followed the rules and submitted a piece to be posted.