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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 81 - The Butler Report

The New Jersey Devils did something last week: they signed the bought-out-by-Ottawa right winger Bobby Butler. As such, it was a good reason as any to talk about it on a new episode of Talking Red. David Sarch and I talk about the signing and how it impacts players like Petr Sykora and Mattias Tedenby. In response to a reader question, we briefly go over the Atlantic Division as it currently stands. Additionally, Tom Stivali and David also appear to discuss their butler rankings.

Thanks go to David for having Tom and me on again. There are a number of ways to listen to this particular episode. You can get it directly at the Talking Red website. You can get it at iTunes or Stitcher. You can even continue on after the jump to listen to a stream of it right here at this very site. No matter how you choose to listen, this episode is 40:29 long and 18.53 MB large.

What do you think of our thoughts on Butler and the Atlantic Division? Who's in your Butler Top 5? Please leave your answers and other questions you may have about the show in the comments. You can also give us questions through @TalkingRed on Twitter and email with talkingred at gmail dot com. Thanks for listening.