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Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Now's Your Opportunity

The past 2011-12 season and 2012 playoffs certainly was an adventure for the New Jersey Devils. It featured a two top-ten scorers, a retired number #27, plenty of pleasant surprises, an escape from Sunrise, a domination of Philadelphia, an enjoyable elimination of Our Hated Rivals, and avoiding a sweep of Los Angeles. The draft has passed with the Devils keeping their using their first round pick and free agency moves onward but without Zach Parise. And it's not even everything that happened. It's not even over as there will be more hockey and events to come.

As such, there's plenty to discuss. A lot to analyze. Too much to cover everything despite our best efforts to be the best analysis & opinion site about the Devils. So therefore we could use some help. Your help. For the third straight summer, I'm looking for additional writers to handle various roles at In Lou We Trust. I'm specifically looking for one, possibly two writers to regularly have something up once a week. I'm also looking to add someone to handle the daily Devils in the Details posts. Those are the main roles available and it could be you who fills them.

This is your chance to be a part of a labor of love that continues to grow year after year. This is your opportunity to have a platform to have your say about Devils hockey for thousands to read every day. Whether you've been reading ILWT from 2008 or just found about it recently, this is your opportunity. If this interests you, then please read on for the rules to apply for either position.

Regardless of what position you're interested in, here are a few general requirements. Don't bother applying if you can't accept and/or meet them.


#1) Be a New Jersey Devils fan. This seems obvious, but there may be a few who think that they can use this site as a platform for some other endeavor. This is ultimately an analysis & opinion site by fans for fans; so it's required that you are a fan of the New Jersey Devils.

#2) Be a registered and non-banned user. If you haven't registered for ILWT, then please, sign up as soon as you can. It's free, it gives you access to join 300+ other blogs on the SBN network, and add to their respective communities. If you've been banned, then I don't want to hear from you. After all, if you can't follow the rules, I don't see how you can follow direction on, say, how to make a post or when things need to be up on site.

#3) Write reasoned and write well. You don't have to be a perfect writer - I'm definitely not - but you will have to take this seriously to a degree. No one comes here to read what they could read in the AP or hear from some lame pundit espousing the same narratives over and over. One of the big reasons why ILWT is as highly regarded as it is because that the posts are written well enough, arguments are backed up with facts, the writing is respectful to the reader, and content is regular. That's what I will be looking for.

#4) Be willing to be active with the community. Readers aren't afraid to tell you what they think. I or the other writers may even disagree with what you write; but readers definitely will if they do. Tying into the prior if you present a good argument, then it should hold up on it's own; but ideally you should comment with the other users to explain your point further or just to further discussion along. That's what makes a site like this so different than just a series of essays.

#5) Be able to communicate. Since you'll be a part of a blog on the Internet, it's vital that you're easily reachable by e-mail and you're able to keep open communication with me and other writers. Occasionally, there may be matters to discuss among all writers or perhaps there's something we want to pass along your way. Maybe I need to tell you something, so I need to know if you're going to see that. Maybe something's come up and real life requires that the blog gets ignored, so I need to know you'd actually tell me instead of skipping out on a commitment.

#6) Be ready to put your real name on your posts. If you're selected for any position, then I want you to write under your real name. If you write something worth reading, then it's worth knowing who wrote it. Don't worry about your account, changing the user name is easily done.


In addition to the above, I'm looking for someone to write up a post once every week. I may even ask you for previews and/or recaps; but the primary task is to have something to say every week. This could be reaction to some news, an analysis of a player or a game, a deeper look at how a player or the team performs, a look at past Devils teams, whatever. I'm intentionally leaving it open so this way you have the freedom to write something Devils-related that interests you.

HOW TO APPLY: Write one piece about something I haven't covered recently on the site and you haven't written somewhere else and e-mail it to me. Do not write comments about it or write a FanPost or make a FanShot linking to it.

In the subject line put in "ILWT Regular Writer Audition Post - ", your user name (the one you log-in to use this site), and e-mail me the post from the e-mail address you have registered with. For example, if I was entering my own post to me, this would be the subject line from my registered e-mail address:

ILWT Regular Writer Audition Post - John Fischer - (title of post)

This makes it easier on me to filter out those who's who as well as who got themselves banned and avoid reading what things they'd have to say (see General Requirement #2).

I will be accepting submissions until midnight, July 20. I will review the submission and if it's decently written, then I'll be putting up on the site for public review. After July 22, I will post each piece up under a pseudonym. No, I'm not stealing your writing, but I will attribute it to Writer A, Writer B, etc. such that the readers will judge the work on it's own and not who it's by. If you've applied before, please feel free to apply again - if anything, persistence is a plus. However, only send one submission in. If you come up with more, then write those out, pick which one you think is the best, and only send that one.

Be forewarned, I will also encourage the users to constructively criticize the post - something you just need to know how to take when writing on the Internet, much less ILWT. For each post, I'll specifically ask whether the readers would like to read more work like it. If they do, it won't be because of who you are but of what you wrote; and that will factor into my decision. It will also be reviewed by the other writers in private, too, so it's going to be looked at by a lot of people.

Depending on how many entries I get, I'll decide if I'm doing this everyday or not. No matter who I decide upon, after it's all over, I'll point out who wrote what post in a summary - so you will get credit for what is posted.

That said, I won't help you with an idea for the post or help you write it. The idea is to show me that you had an idea or a point to make about the New Jersey Devils, you reasoned it out, and you wrote it all yourself.

One last point: If anyone's willing to count scoring chances, then please say so. Do know that it's a lot of work to see who's really making things happen out there on a game to game basis, as C.J. found out during last season. If you're still interested, then let me know and we'll discuss that separately.


Josh was taking care of the daily Devils in the Details post but real life intervened so Kevin picked it up in his place. Kevin did a fine job with it, but we're looking for someone else to handle that.

For those who are unfamiliar, Devils in the Details was a daily post of various links to Devils and hockey related stories elsewhere on the Internet. It also served as open discussion post for anything hockey related. To fill that role, here's what I'm specifically looking for:

  • Daily Commitment - Sure, circumstances come up, but this is a position that requires a strong commitment. I need someone to post up links to various Devils stories every morning. Whether you write it all up the night before or do it right in the morning is up to you, but it's got to be up early in the morning. This will give readers something to discuss before other content comes later in the day.
  • Discover What's Out There and Reads - I don't want the post just to be set of links of what Tom Gulitti and Rich Chere put up the day before, though it should include that. They should include other interesting posts at other Devils blogs, Devils-related content at other news sites or blogs like Puck Daddy or the many others at SBN and other hockey sites. Basically, you need to be an aware reader of what's going on so we all can know what's going on.
  • Know How to Embed Links - Because this (for example): just doesn't look nearly as good as: Andrew Gross at Fire & Ice reports that Mark Fayne filed for arbitration. If you don't know how to do this and/or aren't willing to learn, then this position isn't for you.

HOW TO APPLY: Send me an e-mail before July 21 with the subject title ILWT Daily Links Writer - SBN User Name (you type in your SBN user name instead of "SBN User Name" of course) from the e-mail account that you've registered with. Don't comment here, don't write a FanPost or FanShot, send me an e-mail.

In this e-mail, explain to me why you would be the best and provide an example of a daily link post in the format Kevin has done it. Please also make a persuasive argument as to why I should pick you (e.g. easy to reach, I'm active on other sites, I can do other things, etc.).

If I'm convinced, we'll give you a trial run of doing daily link posts for a few days and if all goes well, the position is yours - first come, first serve. If the trial doesn't go well, then it doesn't - no big deal - and we go with someone else. I understand content dries up in the summer for hockey, but it's the perfect time to see how good you are at finding hockey related things to link.

Note: anyone can apply for both positions, but please only one submission for each.


I understand that this may not be for everyone. So in the interest of making this post relevant for those who read but aren't interested, please feel free to use the comments as an open discussion post. Talk about what you want the Devils to do (or not do) in free agency, for example. Write about what you want to see on the site It's open - just don't start nominating people, it won't work. That's why there's this process. Thank you for reading. And to anyone who is interested: good luck.