CBA - which side are you on

So I am curious where other fans stand, do you back the owners or players? So here's a poll. My opinion after the jump.

I was really angered by the owners first offer. Bluntly, it seemed liked negotaiting in bad faith. The owners proposal would reduce player compensation by 20%+ as a share of revenue. This after cutting salaries by more than 20% in real dollars last time.

My biggest problem is that I don;t trust the owners. We all know exactly what the players are making. On the owners side, with the exception of some information in Forbes and a few other places, as fans we have no idea what the real financial situation of the owners is. And that is because the owners dont reveal anything.

Then, on top of it they take a position that contracts need to be shortened to a max of 5 years. This comes on the heals of the deals by the Wild, the Flyers offer for Weber, etc. So the owners have no credibility.

How many teams are going to be profitable under the owners plan? My take is the owners are proposing that every team, ro virtually every team, should make money. And that is also bogus. When a team sucks, it should not make money, just like other businesses that suck don't make money.

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