Nashville Predators Match Offer Sheet For Shea Weber


Normally the day-to-day business and signings of a Western Conference team doesn't affect us. However, this one does. A lot of us are familiar with the offer sheet to which the Philadelphia Flyers have signed Nashville Predators' Captain and star defenseman Shea Weber. If Nashville did not match the offer sheet, Shea Weber would have been a Flyer on a 14 year contract, at $110 Million Dollars. This would have been very bad news for our New Jersey Devils, as one of the top two-way defensemen in the league would be on a rival team in our division. The news is good for us, as he will be no-where near the Atlantic division except in road-trips and perhaps the playoffs. However, for Shea, by trying to sign a deal that he thought Nashville couldn't match, he has now ensured his that he will presumably spend the next fourteen years in Nashville. Please feel free to discuss your thoughts on Shea Weber and his new contract in Nashville here. Thanks for reading.