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Devils in the Details- 6/8/12: Funny Bounce Edition

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Your links for today

Devils Links

Remember those boobs behind the Devils bench? No, those weren't Oilers executives, but a porn star's boobs [Puck Daddy]

The Kings couldn't match the Devils Desperation [PHT]

Zach Parise thinks the Devils could accomplish a comeback [PHT]

He's right- it's possible, but the power play will need to be way better []

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Hockey Links

Turns out the stanchions don't want the Toronto Marlies (the Leafs AHL affiliate) to win [SBNation]

Speaking of that goal, James Mirtle and his eagle eye apparently spotted an offside player there, which would've disallowed the goal [Globe and Mail]

An interview with the best hockey player's twitter out there, @Strombone1 (Roberto Luongo) [Pass it to Bulis]

Oilers fans are trying to comprehend why Steve Tambellini received a three year contract extension [Copper and Blue]