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Devils in the Details- 6/5/12: WELP Edition

Your links for today

Devils Links

Recaps (sigh) [Fire and Ice][][Devils][RWTD][SBN NY][JFTC][PHT][Puck Daddy]

The Devils are playing the blame game with the blown call on the Devils first goal [Fire and Ice]

The Powerplay was still [excrement]tacular []

Jonathan Quick's five best saves in game three. *sobs uncontrollably* [Puck Daddy]

The last team to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the SCF was the 1942 Leafs. Meaning they'd have to be the first team in 60 years to pull off the 3-0 comeback [PHT]

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Hockey Links

How much will the former Flyers in LA impact Paul Holmgren's job? [Puck Drunk Love]

The market for veteran goalies is dwindling [Canucks Army]

Sidney Crosby plans to be involved in the new CBA talks. I'm not joking [PHT]

Looking back at Derek Boogaard and the NHL's failure to take care of it's own [Backhand Shelf]

The Penguins traded for and signed Tomas Vokoun to a two year deal [Backhand Shelf]

Michel Therien will be named the next head coach of the Canadiens. [Puck Daddy]