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2012-13 New Jersey Devils Schedule and Analysis

The 2011-12 Season was a success, what does the schedule hold for next season? (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
The 2011-12 Season was a success, what does the schedule hold for next season? (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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The NHL has announced the 2012-2013 NHL schedule. Here is the schedule for those who haven't seen it yet. For New Jersey Devils fans, we have to wait until October 12th, 2012 to get our next glance at the 2012 Eastern Conference Champions in action. After the jump is a brief overview of the schedule and a few interesting observations from the schedule.

I'll try and go in chronological order of games so it makes some sort of sense:

Home Opener: October 13th vs. Boston Bruins

One would think that the NHL would do something similar to the NFL and have a rematch of the Stanley Cup Finals teams. A home and away featuring the Devils and the Kings would sell out and would draw a large national broadcast'd think. We will have to wait until February to get at least a little revenge on the Kings.

First New York Rangers game: October 17th vs. Rangers

Some good news, Devils' fans won't have to wait very long to see the Devils play their cross-river rivals. The third game of the season for the Devils is at home against the Rangers.

Home and Aways: The Devils have two sets of them.

October 24th and 26th against the Buffalo Sabres

December 19th and 20th against the Philadelphia Flyers

I find home and aways intriguing because it makes for a fun two game series to watch. Why? You get to see coaching changes and little adjustments that seem like a mini-playoff series. Or maybe I'm crazy.

Longest Road Trip (2):

December 11th - 17th

The Devils will face Philly twice in this span along with Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, and Florida. Not a really a "road trip"

January 11th - 19th - This roadtrip has a lot more miles than the December road trip.

The Devils will head to Canada and face Winnipeg and Ottawa and then swing through Boston for a game on their way to battle Tampa Bay and Florida.

Rematch with the Champs: February 9th vs. Los Angeles Kings

If you haven't already marked February 9th on your calendar with lots and lots of red ink you should do so now. (unless you use an iPad or some other fancy device)

Western Conference Trips (2):

February 28th - March 3rd : Colorado, St. Louis, and Dallas

March 26th - March 29th : Vancouver, San Jose, Anaheim

Longest Home Stand: March 5th - 13th

The Devils will play five games at home over this span. They will face Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Philadelphia.

Possible Nationally Televised Games:

Monday December 31st : New Jersey Devils Vs. New York Islanders 1pm ET

Sunday January 13th : New Jersey Devils Vs. Ottawa Senators 1pm ET

Saturday February 9th : New Jersey Devils Vs. LA Kings 1pm ET

Sunday February 24th : New Jersey Devils Vs. Nashville Predators 1pm ET

Sunday April 7th : New Jersey Devils Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 1pm ET

Some Notes:

The Devils have a nice schedule, not extremely long road trips and nothing that looks a unbalanced. However, They do travel a little more in the second half of the season than the first half.

What do you think about the Devils schedule? Good/Bad/Ugly? What games are you looking forward to?