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Robert Baillargeon: 2012 Draft Prospect Profile

Last year, when we did the prospect rankings, a lot of the focus was on top prospects. However, because the Devils almost won the Cup (*sobs uncontrollably*), they’re not in a position to land the big names. So unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for guys you’ve probably never heard of, like say, Robert Baillargeon. Most of you would be scratching your heads when you hear his name, despite being ranked 50th amongst North American skaters by the Central Scouting Services. While he’s not the biggest name out there, he’s not the worst player out there. In fact, he’s quietly put up some good numbers.







Cushing Prep





Indiana Ice




Who is Robert Baillargeon?

Robert Baillargeon is a 6’0, 175 lb forward from Enfield, Connecticut. He rose to prominence as a star high school player, eventually joining Massachusetts’ Cushing Prep school in 2009-2010. The Following year he broke out with 65 points in 31 games. He joined the Indiana Ice in 2011-2012 and posted a respectable 48 points in 54 games there, as well as 6 points in 6 playoff games. He's set to join Boston University this fall to play for the Terriers.

What Experts have said about Robert Baillargeon

Cushing Coach Rob Gagnon, via The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog:

[Cushing Coach Rob Gagnon says he compares Baillargeon to ex-Terrier Nick Bonino, "except he skates better than Nick did. His strengths are his skating and stick skills as well as his hockey IQ. He does need to improve his consistency of always bringing it each shift. His top level is really high, but when he takes a shift off he is then just a good player. I think the sky is the limit once he figures out how to be consistent."

[The Incomparable] Kirk Luedeke of the New England Hockey Journal:

The former Cushing Academy star challenged himself at a higher level in the USHL and it paid off, as he averaged nearly a point per game in his first season. Intelligent and industrious, Baillargeon is a slick playmaker who sees the ice well and can make pinpoint passes. He’ll need to build more strength and mass on his lean frame, but he should be ready for an instant impact when he arrives at Boston University in the fall of 2013."

NHL Central Scout Gary Eggelston, via’s draft page:

"He had a very good record while playing at Cushing Academy in Massachusetts prior going to the USHL," Eggleston said. "I was a little concerned about his going [to Indiana], as far as adapting physically and whether he had the maturity to play the kind game expected of him, but I think he's done all of that. I think if you look at the stats, he's probably averaged a point a game all season."

Video Highlights

Baillargeon Scores Shorthanded:

Bailargeon scores a pair of goals at the USHL Top Prospects Game:

An Opinion of Sorts

In terms of what i've seen and heard of him, it seems like he's one of those prospects who'd probably be higher up in the CSS rankings if not for his size. He's pretty well rounded in terms of ability- he's a good skater, he can score goals and he can also make plays. He's not going to be a top tier offensive threat like Ilya Kovalchuk, but if he does pan out, he could potentially be a good secondary scoring threat. To me, I don't think his size will affect him in the NHL. If he was smaller, I'd probably have concerns. But he isn't.

Your Opinion

With all that being said, do you think the Devils should consider drafting Robert Baillargeon with their second round draft pick? Do you think he can develop into a solid, 2nd line player like I think he will, or do you feel that his size will be problematic? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading.