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2012 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 6 Preview: New Jersey Devils at Los Angeles Kings

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The Time: 8:00 PM EDT

The Broadcast: TV - NBC, CBC, RDS; Radio - 660 AM WFAN

The Series: The New Jersey Devils (2) vs the Los Angeles Kings (3)

The Last Game:

The New Jersey Devils pulled off a second straight win after dropping three straight to the LA Kings. Martin Brodeur was spectacular and the Devils got a goal from Parise, on a Jonathan Quick gaffe to open the scoring. Then there was a second Devils' goal, a clean shot by Bryce Salvador to win it! The Devils also managed to keep the Kings from winning an eleventh straight playoff road win and break the Devils own record of ten. Overall, the Devils got the result they needed to stay alive. John has a beautiful recap here.

The Game Specific Goals:

1. Stay classy. Do not get into scrums with the Kings. Things started to get scrappy as the Kings felt the pressure of a second loss in a row. They are after all, human. If the Devils can manage to stay out of the box, they will have a much easier time forcing a game seven. Especially now that their powerplay knows that it can actually score.

2. Win. Enough said.

If you want an opponent's point of view, please check out SBN site Jewels from the Crown. More thoughts after the jump.

Why NOT us?

This seems to be the sentiment of the Devils cup run. If the Devils can win tonight, both teams will have won three in a row and be on the precipice of lifting the Lord Stanley's Cup. The Kings and Devils are evenly matched, and after all the commotion of momentum and odds against the Devils favor, wouldn't it be nice to have a home-ice game seven?

The Coach:

I'm not talking about Darryl Sutter. I'm talking about one of the overlooked reason the Devils have stayed alive in their quest for The Cup. Peter DeBoer has not done anything drastic, but he has made the little changes that have helped the Devils stay in the run for the cup.

The Goaltenders:

With two games remaining, the final games may come down to who has a better goalie.

Quick: GAA: 1.35 SV%: 0.946

Brodeur: GAA: 2.00 SV%: 0.922

Quick is the better goaltender in the stats, but Brodeur has been around forever and is still playing at a level that only a few goaltenders ever achieve consistently. So, what does that mean for the next two games? Who knows, but you'd like to believe that Brodeur has the cooler mindset and Quick may be doubting himself?

The Bottom Line:

We can all hypothesize about what the Devils will do. Since facing elimination, they have found ways to win. If it's dirty, who cares. It it's clean, who cares. Just get the "W" and live to fight for just one more game!

Thanks for reading the preview, how do you feel about the game? nervous? confident? or just plain happy the Devils are still alive? Sound off below with what you believe to be the keys to game six! GO DEVILS!