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Devils in the Details- 5/8/12: Actual Suspension Edition

Your links for today

Devils Links

Claude Giroux has been suspended for one game. And hopefully Giroux doesn't get to play again this season [Fire and Ice]

A Flyers fan isn't outraged about the suspension [Broad Street Hockey]

In case you missed it, this week's Talking Red featuring Tom Stivali and Chris Wassel discussing everything from headshots to ENERGY!!!1 [Talking Red]

Danny Briere thinks the Flyers can win game 5 if everyone else shows up [PHT]

The Devils know the Flyers are down for the count, and need to keep them down [Fire and Ice]

The Devils have been surprised at their success against the Flyers []

Hockey Links

The Rangers beat the Caps. Boo [Japers Rink][PHT]

Pierre Gauthier was the genius who traded Ryan McDonaugh for Scott Gomez. Yeah, that guy was terrible [PHT]

Before winning last night's game, the Rangers have already started selling Eastern conference finals tickets. [Russian Machine]

Your western conference finals- the Phoenix Coyotes vs the Los Angeles Kings [Puck Daddy]

The Kings success has been due to contributions from everyone [Holik on Hockey]

Looking back at quotes on the draft class of 1987 [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Patrick Kane was drinking again. Fun! [Deadspin]