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Devils in the Details- 5/4/12: Poni Puns Edition

Just a quick note- we all don't like the Flyers. Just because we don't like the Flyers doesn't mean we should go over and troll Broad Street Hockey every time the Devils score. I mean, it's not like they've actually been trolling us (most of the Flyers fans commenting here haven't made troll related comments, nor have I had to ban any of them). Keep all your snarky comments on this site, because the BSHers at least have the decency to keep their comments on BSH.

Devils Links

Recaps of last night's action [Fire and Ice][][RWTD][Devils][PHT][Puck Daddy][Broad Street Hockey]

It took Ilya Kovalchuk a while to realize that he was playing hurt [PHT]

Praise for Kovy for returning to the lineup and being an X-factor []

The Devils PK came up big with two kills in overtime [Fire and Ice]

Sean Couturier was cut last night but is apparently fine [PHT]

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Hockey Links

The Kings are a win away from upsetting the Blues [PHT]

Panthers winger Kris Versteeg had hip surgery [PHT]

Dan Girardi is a glass banging jerkstore. Okay, well sort of [SBNation]

Defending Alexander Radulov's performance [Shutdown Line]

Why ESPN doesn't cover hockey [Puck Daddy]