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New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers - Gamethread #16

The Time: 8:00 PM EDT

The Broadcast: TV - NBC SN, CBC, RDS; Radio - 1130 AM WBBR

The Series: The New Jersey Devils (1) vs. the New York Rangers (2)

The Previews: Matt E has his preview of tonight's game here, while Joe Fortunato has a preview of his own over at Blueshirt Banter

The Song For Tonight: Seeing as Zach Parise had nothing to say after game 3's loss, I'm going to continue the trend. Tonight's song is an instrumental (yay!) with a pretty unique sound. Tonight's song is Crow Town by Horse the Band

Gameday Info: As we all know, Jacob Josefson will make his return from his wrist injury tonight in place of the underperforming Petr Sykora. As for the Rangers, with Brandon Prust suspended, Stu Bickel will dress as a forward for the Rangers as Brandon Dubinsky is still unavailable for tonight per Andrew Gross. Outside of those two changes, the lineups are all the same.

The Reminder: I know everyone's going to be a bit on edge for this series - myself included. Feelings and emotions will be running high. Still, remember that I and the other users commenting aren't the ones playing this game. There's no need to get salty among ourselves or against any trolls from other places. Seriously, don't feed any trolls and don't troll Blueshirt Banter - sanctions there can be brought over here. To quote Bill S. Preston, Esq., be excellent to each other.

The Band is Awesome: Queen is an awesome band. Here's an example of said awesomeness. That also reminds me. Please don't call Henrik Lundqvist "Queen," or some variation thereof. At its core it is a sexist comment by way of stating that being a female is inferior. Moreover, the band is more awesome than Lundqvist ever will be. Such statements won't be tolerated from here on out, so don't be surprised if you get warned for it. Thanks!

Please use the comments in this post to discuss tonight's game before, during, and after it happens until the recap is up. Please remember the rules at all times. Namely: keep your comments clean, keep them on topic (SPECIAL PLAYOFF RULE: Anything 2012 NHL playoff related is OK.), and keep them legal (For example: nothing is allowed about illegal streams - no links, no discussion, no requests). I will provide the commentary here while John will chime in with an occasional tweet from @InLouWeTrust. Go Devils!