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Looking for Devils Tickets? Check Out TiqIQ and Their TiqIQ Connect App

The New Jersey Devils are in the Eastern Conference Finals and the series is heading back to Newark for games on Saturday and Monday. If you wanted a ticket to either game, then you missed out on buying directly from the team unless A) you're a on a playoff plan, B) you're a season ticket holder and paid for a playoff plan, or C) you got lucky to buy up tickets within the first ten minutes or so they were available.

Fortunately, you still have a shot at going to either game through the secondary market. And you don't even need to leave this site to access it. You may or may not have noticed by now, but there's a "Tickets" link on the menu bar. SB Nation Partners TiqIQ has all kinds of information and price trends on available tickets available very easily. TiqIQ goes through the various secondary market sites to let you know what's out there, where they are, how much they cost, and an easy button to find them. You'll have to shell out a significant amount of money to go to either game; but if you're interested, then this is a good way as any to get inside the Rock on Saturday and Monday.

The fine people at TiqIQ recently informed me that there's a new Facebook application called TiqIQ Connect that you can use to let your friends know if you're going to the game or not and where you're sitting. They also let me know that they are running a Playoff Check-In Contest. If you RSVP for the Devils' playoff games, then you have a shot at getting tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals, should the Devils make it. I presume some of you would be interested in that. Their wording and a big picture link to access the app comes after the jump.

We’re excited to launch, along with our friends from TiqIQ, a new Facebook application called TiqIQ Connect.

Using the app, you can now check-in (in advance) to any Devils playoff game letting your friends know which games you are going to and where you will be sitting - if you’re planning on going - or if you’re just watching from home you can also update that as well. TiqIQ Connect even provides a thumb-nailed seat view on your wall so friends can find you, or purchase a ticket near you.

RSVP to every Devils playoff game, and you’ll be entered to win tickets to the Finals, should they advance. Just click here to update your RSVP status for the next game- and let your friends know where you’re sitting. You’ll also receive discounts on tickets throughout the season right to your Facebook inbox. For Game 3, please click on this large image:

Thanks for reading. If there are any future deals or information from TiqIQ, then I'll pass it along in future posts.