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Game 7 Washington-New York Open Thread for Devils Fans

Back on Wednesday, I asked you, the reader, who the New Jersey Devils will face in the Eastern Conference Finals. The poll is now closed. With 1,058 votes, a plurality of you said it will be the New York Rangers. More specifically, 37% of the vote went to the Rangers. 27% went to the Washington Capitals. The vote was split because I threw in an option of "I don't care as long as it goes 7 games" - which got 35% of the vote.

Well, those 35% (myself included) got what they wanted. There is a Game 7 and it's tonight at 7:30 on NBC-SN. The winner will get to feel real good and then have to play the New Jersey Devils on Monday. The loser will get to feel bad and then go golfing. For the Rangers perspective, you should visit Blueshirt Banter. For the Capitals perspective, please go to Japers' Rink. For discussion amongst your fellow Devils fans (or if you want to converse with Devils fans), then please hang out here. Given the circumstances, it makes sense for the Devils faithful to pay attention to this game. It also makes sense for the Devils faithful to hope this game goes into something crazy like three overtimes or something like that. Either way, this is a post where this game can be discussed.

I also made a short poll with a very simple question. Please use the comments to explain your choice, who you want to win the series, and to talk about tonight's Game 7 between New York and Washington. What happens there will affect the Devils. The series primer should be up after this game ends and on Sunday you'll get a new Talking Red, a series prediction post, and a big series preview. If you want something else to listen to in the meantime, check out my recent apperance on Hockey Prospectus Radio. Or go to Fire & Ice and learn from Tom Gulitti that Marek Zidlicky returned to the ice and stated that he didn't have a concussion. Or whatever else Devils-related or about tonight's game - it is an open thread. Thank you for voting and reading.