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Devils in the Details- 4/9/12: Easter Monday Edition

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Your [holiday] links for today...

Previews of the Devils-Panthers series [Talking Red][Fire and Ice][RWTD][PHT][Puck Daddy]

Ilya Kovalchuk's optimistic about the team's 6 game winning streak going into the Playoffs []

Dale Tallon's offseason moves brought in experienced players [Litter Box Cats]

Did the Panthers actually get better this year? [Hockey Prospectus]

Could Scott Clemmensen start for the Panthers in the playoffs? [PHT]

Some good takes on John Tortorella vs the NHL [SBNation][Holik on Hockey]

Who were the fantasy sleepers this year? [The Program]

The only reason why the Senators should be considered "Canada's Team"- they're going up against a team that wears Red, White and Blue and isn't too popular [Down Goes Brown]

Scott Hartnell wants you to vote him onto the cover of NHL 13. Unfortunately, he didn't tell Dion Phaneuf to suck it [Backhand Shelf]