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Devils in the Details- 4/4/12: 6th Place Edition

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Your Links for today

Recaps of last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][RWTD][Devils Army Blog][Lighthouse Hockey]

Jacob Josefson will miss 4-6 weeks with a broken wrist []

The Senators lost last night to the Canes. 6th place is now the Devils [Canes Country][Silver Seven]

The Devils' now have the rights to $2.7 M in parking revenues. Not going to save the franchise, but it should help somewhat [Meadowlands Matters]

Henrik Lundqvist suffered an arm injury last night, although the severity of it is unknown. Which could mean the Rangers will be hitting the links pretty early. [PHT]

Jordan Leopold scores in a scrum in front of the net. I'm sure many people were going "BLOW THE [Expletive] WHISTLE ALREADY!" [Puck Daddy]

Stephen Weiss was pretty happy that Steven Stamkos scored twice against the Caps on Monday [SBNation]