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Devils in the Details- 4/30/12: Two OT Winners, 1 Short Guy Edition

Your links for today

Recaps of last night's action [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD][PHT][Broad Street Hockey]

Last night's game did feature some controversy- Martin Brodeur believes James Van Reimsdyk interfered with him [PHT]

The Star Ledger joins in on the speculation about Ilya Kovalchuk's injury []

On the other hand, TG thinks it's a back injury, not a groin injury [Fire and Ice]

There's still 3 (or 6) more games left to play the NBCSN Devils drinking game [Speaking of the Devils]

Stephen Gionta has excellent manners [SBNation]

Scott Hartnell on the other hand, not so much. [SBNation]

This week's episode of Talking Red [Talking Red]

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Hockey Links

The Phoenix Coyotes take a 2-0 series lead [PHT]

Why the amnesty buyout clause makes sense [Canucks Army]

Were the Canucks actually worse after the games against Boston? [Pass it to Bulis]

TSN's top 25 bloopers of the 2011-2012 season [Puck Daddy]

Rebuilding teams vs the endowment effect [Puck Daddy]

Dustin Penner is on twitter. His official website? Brilliant [@dustinpenner25]