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Devils in the Details- 4/27/12: Bring on Phailadelphia Edition

Your Links for today

Game 7 was one hell of a game. Recaps from last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][RWTD][Litter Box Cats][On Frozen Pond][PHT]

There's a team's logo on John Madden's face. Or that's just a scar. Heheh scar [SBNation]

Eric Boulton has been doing a great job as the team's healthy scratch []

Michael Yormark flew Lauren Ashley, the fan he said "No one cared about because she had 70 followers" over to Sunrise to watch game 7 with him as an apology [Fire and Ice]

Next up- The Philadelphia Flyers []

Your opposition for the second round series [Broad Street Hockey]

The TV schedule for the 2nd round series is up [Puck Daddy]

NHL Links

The Rangers won last night. Boo. So the other playoff matchup is now Rags-Capitals [Japers Rink]

Was last night's game the last of Daniel Alfredsson's career? [PHT]

A compilation of Jason Spezza's creepy laughter [Backhand Shelf]

With both Boston and Vancouver out, the second straight Bruins-Canucks final almost everyone wanted isn't going to happen [View From My Seats]

The top 10 goals from the 1st round. And there are a bunch from the Pens-Flyers series [Backhand Shelf]

More Ryan Kesler tumbleweed .gifs [Pass it to Bulis]