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Devils in the Details- 4/24/12: There's a Daria Reference In Here Edition

Your links for today

Devils Links

The Devils are ready for game 6 [Fire and Ice]

Martin Brodeur understands that it could be worse. []

The Panthers have stopped selling plastic rats, because according to Panthers CEO Michael Yormark, Devils fans are throwing them during play [PHT][]

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Hockey Links

The Sens couldn't finish off the Rangers. That sucks [Silver Seven]

The Phoenix Coyotes have defeated the Blackhawks and moved on to the 2nd round [PHT]

Is Claude Giroux the best hockey player in the world? [Puck Daddy]

If there's one thing i've learned about Milan Lucic's girlfriend, it's that she's basically the real-life equivalent of Brittany Taylor [Pass it to Bulis]

Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider- just the stats [Canucks Army]

Suggestions on cutting down suspendable plays [Driving Play]

The Royal Half eulogizes the San Jose Sharks [Puck Daddy]