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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 64 - To the Brink

This morning, David Sarch, Steve Palumbo of Rant Sports, and myself got together to discuss the last three playoff games by the New Jersey Devils. We discuss the heartbreak in Game 3. the decisive win in Game 4, and the disappointing effort in Game 5. The Devils are on the brink of elimination to the Florida Panthers, they've earned their 2-3 series deficit, and so no one who is a Devils fan is really happy about it, us included.

Thanks to David for having me on the show again to discuss the last three games. Here's the direct link to this week's episode at the TR website. You can also find and download it on iTunes and Stitcher, as well as a stream after the jump in this very post. This episode is 30.67 MB large and 33:30 long. You can give us your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com, tweet them to @TalkingRed, or just leave them here in the comments of this post. Here's David's description of this week's show:

On this week's episode, David is joined by John and Steve. They breakdown the three playoff games that have seen the Devils fall into a 3-2 hole. They also try and figure out if Kovalchuk is playing injured and wonder where the secondary scoring has gone.

Thanks for listening.