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Devils in the Details- 4/14/12: 15 Wins Edition

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Your links for today

Devils Links

Recaps of Last Night's Game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][RWTD][Litter Box Cats][On Frozen Pond][PHT][Backhand Shelf]

You know what was a difference maker last night? The 4th line []

The Panthers are happy with Jose Theodore's peformance last night []

Petr Sykora wants to play in the NHL again next year [Fire and Ice]

The Devils have a new motto- "swarm it up" [Fire and Ice]

The last of the playoff previews [Hockey Prospectus][Backhand Shelf]

Jeff Vanderbeek goes all GOB Bluth on us and says "I've made a huge mistake [bringing the team to Newark]" with all the Cory Booker stuff [][Speaking of the Devils- Video]

There's more to the success of the Devils than just on the ice []

Hockey links after the jump

NHL Playoffs

The Kings are in position to pull off a royal upset [Canucks Army][Nucks Misconduct]

Alex Burrows taunts Mike Richards by pretending to snort cocaine [Pass it to Bulis]

Marc-Andre F7eury sieves in 7 goals, allowing the Flyers to win 8-5 [Broad Street Hockey]

Claude Giroux dropped 6 points on the Pens last night. 6 points. Wow [PHT]

Ilya Bryzgalov- when he heff to be good, he comes up big [Puck Daddy]

The Predators and Wings have tied up their playoff series 1-1 [WiiM][On the Forecheck]

So Todd Bertuzzi fought Shea Weber, and the Red Wings bench appreciated it quite a bit. And when that's put into an infinite loop... it's almost hypnotic [SBNation]

#Webering [Puck Daddy]

The Rest of the League and Beyond

A+ work by Ryan Lambert on concussions [Puck Daddy]

The Boston Bruins Playoffs- Game of Thrones Edition [Days of Y'Orr]

Looking at the best young forwards in the east [Copper and Blue]

Hating the Canucks has become Canada's new past time [Puck Daddy]

No word on whether or not Lonnie Cameron has been suspended for elbowing Dave Bolland [SBNation]

Last but not least- who knocked over a lose pane of glass onto David Krejci- the Kool-aid man or tumbleweed Ryan Kesler? [Days of Y'Orr]