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Devils in the Details - 4/13/2012: Tonight, The Series Begins Edition

Tonight, the New Jersey Devils begin their 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs campaign in Sunrise, Florida. To help ease the long wait before then, check out these links.

Devils Links

The Devils, according to the Devils players, are ready to play. [Fire & Ice]

Former Devil and current Panther John Madden is also ready to play. []

Devils captain and pending UFA Zach Parise knows he has more responsibilities for this year's playoff run and that it'll help define his legacy as player. [Fire & Ice]

Adam Larsson expects to get minutes in this playoff series - eventually. []

There are two viewing parties for Game 1 tonight. The first is at Texas Arizona in Hoboken, the second is at Bar-A in Belmar. Both are 21+, if I recall correctly. [Devils Generals Facebook - Hoboken, Belmar]

Need more Devils-Panthers series predictions? The staff of Arctic Ice Hockey straight up likes the Devils except in a coin flip. Lousy coin. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Alexander Calloway of Litter Box Cats graciously answered five questions from Kevin about the Panthers the other day. Kevin got five questions from Alexander and those answers are at Litter Box Cats. Read them if you haven't. [Litter Box Cats]

Need another Devils-Panthers series preview? Want to hear one instead of read one? Then listen to this podcast between Triumph and Corey of Shutdown Line. [Driving Play]

Lastly, the Devils will host a third Dream Day Camp on April 19. Details at the link. [Devils Official Site]

More links after the jump to get you through the day:

NHL Playoffs

Chris Kelly became an overtime hero last night. Yes, this shot actually went in. [NHL Video]

Your other overtime hero last night was Martin Havlat. What a blast from distance. [NHL Video]

Byron Bitz hit Kyle Clifford with a dangerous hit and got a two game suspension from the league. Good. [NHL]

Shea Weber shoved Henrik Zetterberg's head into the glass and only got the maximum fine allowed under the CBA and a zero game suspension. Bad. [NHL]

Speaking of bad hits, here's a .GIF of David Krejci recklessly hitting Dennis Wideman. It is notable that he hit him into an Advil advertisement. [SBN - NHL]

Quick, Ryan Kesler, do an action roll! [Puck Daddy]

Vancouver doesn't really care what the Kings official Twitter account tweeted. Neither do I. I'm linking it for the impressive, not-at-all-hockey-related-but-still-useful .GIF [Backhand Shelf]

Want another podcast to listen to? Timo Seppa and Matthew Collar of Hockey Prospectus discuss all eight playoff series and bubble teams that were projected to make it to the post season. [Hockey Prospectus]

According to Jaromir Jagr, there was 70 bears at Game 1 in Pittsburgh? Huh? [SBN - NHL]

Mike at Mile High Hockey breaks down the OT winner in Game 1 of Pittsburgh-Philadelphia. Some profanity and Penguins failure ensues. [Mile High Hockey]

The Rest of the League & Beyond

Brent Sutter and the Calgary Flames mutually agreed to let go Sutter as head coach. Assistant coach Dave Lowry will also be let go. [Flames Official Site]

Speaking of the Flames, Mitch Smith at Matchsticks & Gasoline speculates potential Jarome Iginla trades. The Devils aren't mentioned and I don't think they should be. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]

The Oilers, who have finished 30th, 30th, and 29th in the last three seasons, look at their goaltending and say, "Yep, good enough for us." Two words: womp womp [Copper & Blue]

Lindy Ruff and Darcy Reiger aren't going anywhere - for at least another season. [Die by the Blade]

Ruff isn't going to Switzerland either. He turned down Hockey Canada's invitation to coach at the 2012 IIHF World Championships. [TSN]

Canada put a hurting on Denmark to open the IIHF World U-18 Championships. If you're into 2012 draft-eligible prospects and future ones, then pay attention to this tourney. [TSN]

That about does it for today. Please feel free to use the comments of this post to discuss anything hockey-related, updated hockey news, and/or links I may have missed. Thank you for reading.