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Devils in the Details- 4/11/12: All Your Zajacs Are Belong To Us Edition

Your links for today

More Panthers-Devils previews- this one in the advanced stats variety [Shutdown Line]

Some analysis on the injuries suffered by the Devils- namely Henrik Tallinder's leg injury [Backhand Shelf]

The New Jersey Devils playoff drinking game [Speaking of the Devils]

Re-living the Devils Cup Run in 95, Part Deux [Down Goes Avery]

Peter DeBoer is content with the Devils defense this year []

Kelly Zajac has signed an ATO [Fire and Ice]

Florida's got quite a few calls going their way. Clearly the favourite team of the NHL [PHT]

The Edmonton Oilers have won the draft lottery. Even Columbus failed to Fail For Nail [Copper and Blue]

Steven Stamkos scored 60 goals with a bum shoulder [Puck Drunk Love]

Last but not least, the greatest preview ever- Sterling Archer reviews the LA Kings (NSFW language) [Nucks Misconduct]