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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 61

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It's Sunday and so there is a new episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast, Talking Red. David Sarch, Steve Palumbo of Rant Sports, and myself got together to discuss the four games of last week, where the Devils went 3-1-0. We cover it all from offensive struggles to offensive successes, a clinched playoff berth, Bryce Salvador, Travis Zajac, Eastern Conference playoff scenarios, backup goaltenders I didn't know were still in the league, and so much more. We even answer a reader question about what has made this team so successful compared to last season.

Thanks to David for having me on for another episode of Talking Red. Here's a direct link to this week's episode over at the TR website. Don't forget you can find the show on iTunes and Stitcher; and you can even listen to a stream of this episode after the jump in this post. This week's show is 38:22 long and 35.27 MB large. You can give us your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com, tweet them to @TalkingRed, or just leave them here in the comments of this post. Here's David's description of this week's show:

On this week's episode, David is joined by John and Steve. They discuss how the Devils clinched the playoff spot this week despite some struggles. David praises the play of Bryce Salvador, Steve talks about the first power play unit and John exposes his lack of knowledge of NHL goaltending depth.

Thanks for listening.