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Devils in the Details- 3/9/12: #StopKovy Edition

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Your links for today

Devils Links

Recaps of last night's action [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Lighthouse Hockey]

Atrocities are being performed on NHL nets. #stopkovy [Speaking of the Devils]

Speaking of Ilya Kovalchuk, has he gotten better? [Driving Play]

Zach Parise now has the 8th most points in franchise history, passing Bruce Driver yesterday []

Marek Zidlicky recorded two assists last night. #ZIDLICKYMANIA IS RUNNING WILD []

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Hockey Links

The Blue Jackets gave fans the opportunity to replace the nameplates on their Jeff Carter jerseys with Jack Johnson. A really nice gesture by Jackets Management. [Puck Drunk Love]

Brandon Dubinsky didn't practice on Wednesday because of sinus pressure. Not Ryan Carter's fists. [PHT]

Zac Rinaldo getting beaten up is always a fun thing to watch. Thank Erik Gudbranson [Backhand Shelf]

If you're not a fan of the Atlanta Spirit and Gary Bettman, here's a reminder that those two killed the Thrashers [Thrashing the Blues]

Back-to-back games and how it affects game-tied fenwick and goals [Arctic Ice Hockey]