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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 57 - Jesse Spector Interview

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Recorded prior to the frustrating 1-0 loss to the Islanders, David Sarch, Steve Palumbo of Rant Sports, and myself got together to discuss the past week of New Jersey Devils hockey for the latest episode of Talking Red. We went over all four games in the first part and answered some questions involving Anton Volchenkov, Marek Zidlicky, and Eric Gelinas. In the second part, David got a chance to interview Jesse Spector of The Sporting News about what has gone around the NHL after the trade deadline passed.

Big thanks go to Jesse Spector for taking the time to answer our questions. Thanks to Steve and David for having me on for another show. Here's the direct link to this week's episode over at the Talking Red website. You can also get it on iTunes and Stitcher; or you can continue on after the jump to listen to a stream of it. This week's episode is 50.27 MB large and 54:55 long. You can give us your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com, tweet them to @TalkingRed, or just leave them here in the comments of this post. Here's David's description of the show:

On this week's episode David is joined by John and Steve and they discuss 3 tough losses and Dainus Zubrus' gymnastic brilliance. They also talk about 3 candidates for the Clarkson Fall of the Weeek found throughout the organization. David also talks to Jesse Spector of the Sporting News about what's going on around the league. They focus on the struggles in Boston and Montreal, the surprise runs in Anaheim and Phoenix as well as some disappointing teams. Jesse also gives his Devils predictions.

Thanks for listening.