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Devils in the Details- 3/3/12: Epic Goal Explosion Edition

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Your links for today (with 100% more epic goal explosions)

Recaps of last night's action [][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD][PHT][Japers Rink]

Zach Parise passed a concussion test last night- which is good news [Fire and Ice]

Brooks Laich apologized for his hit on Parise last night []

Eastern conference teams should need 90 points to make the Playoffs [The Program]

The Devils aren't getting a lot of offense from the blueline [Shutdown Line]

Manny Ramirez is apparently on the Calgary Flames according to ESPN [Puck Drunk Love]

Gary Bettman is apparently oblivious to how much fans hated him during the lockout [SBNation]

Scoring Depth vs "Truculence" [Backhand Shelf]

The Leafs decided to fire Ron Wilson last night [PHT]

Apparently "Stats don't Matter" [Hockey Wilderness]

A review of "Goon" [Puck The Media]