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Devils in the Details- 3/26/12: Fashion Vultures Edition

Your links for today

Recaps of last night's action [Fire and Ice][][RWTD][Devils][Devils Army Blog]

Travis Zajac returned to the lineup, and felt fine [Fire and Ice]

New Talking Red is up- this week featuring discussion about Peter DeBoer and the Line Brawl [Talking Red]

A hilarious backup plan if Zach Parise isn't re-signed (note the extreme sarcasm) [Interchangeable Parts]

The Fighting Sioux had to drop their nickname because it was "hostile" to Native Americans [SBNation]

Bruce Boudreau is mad. And that rules [Puck Daddy]

A nifty timeline of Brendan Shanahan's suspensions handed out. There needs to be one about all his missed suspensions [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

Duncan Keith looks a lot like Ned Stark- which never dawned on me until I saw this picture [Barry Melrose Rocks]