This week in Devils merchandise

So I figured we could all have a little bit fun with this thread, and this will open the eyes of some people who are looking to buy Easter/Passover/Generic Spring Holiday gifts for their friends and family. I wanted to kind of take a few Devils merchandise items of interest across the internet, whether they're silly, cool, or strange, and put them in a place where they could be discussed. So please join me after the jump to check out a few pieces of merchandise and discuss your own.

So here we go:

Game work stuff has always been a favorite of mine, no matter how grimey or sleezy it is. So I found two pieces that I think are really cool.

Piece #1: Tim Higgins Game Used Gloves



This would make a super cool gift for an older fan, or someone who collects this kind of stuff. I've always loved the green/red color scheme and so with a starting bid of $95 they would make a great gift.

Link here:

Piece #2: Jean Guy Lagace Game Worn Pants



This next piece is another historical one. I don't know too much about John Guy Lagace, but the scouts are part of the Devils history and so for a KC resident waiting for their team to return, this guy is perfect.


Piece #3: Devils Door Knocker



This was one for such diehards, I had to put it up. If you want your wife to get mad, I suppose this is the way to do it. That said, it's bizarre and what every Devils fan needs for their home.


Piece #4: Devils Fridge



To me this would be the single greatest dorm room/man cave gift one could give/receive. I don't think I need to go into too much detail about this one, and until I find a Devils coffeemaker, this is going to be top on this list for my apartment next year.

Piece #5: Devils Toaster



I decided to include this one a) because I think they're cool and b) they're available all over, and most people don't know about them. What's better than right before jumping on NJ Transit for gameday having a nice Salsalito Turkey and hot sauce on Devils toast? You can even grab a beer milk from your Devils fridge to have with it.

Link here:

So that's all I got for today guys, any suggestions would be delicious as usual. I tried to stay towards things that are on the safe/silly side, because I found some odd stuff. Hopefully everyone likes this and maybe we can turn it into a weekly thread.

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