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Devils in the Details- 3/21/12: MOOSE WRKNG Edition

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Your links for today

Devils Links

Recaps of last night's action [Fire and Ice][][Devils][RWTD][Devils Army Blog][Silver Seven]

Scoring chances from last night [The 6th Sens]

Ilya Kovalchuk scored his 400th goal last night. But he didn't celebrate like it was his 400th [Fire and Ice]

Moose was doing work last night. Too bad the Senators didn't see this warning sign [@shadowfactory]

John Tortorella couldn't come up with a good enough response to DeBoer calling him out, so he tells DeBoer to shut up. Weak []

Peter DeBoer on the other hand, stood by his words. A man of his words []

More thoughts on the MSG Brawl- it was a circus. I agree fully. [RWTD]

You know who liked the MSG Brawl? Bill Goldberg [PHT]

Cam Janssen thought the Fans liked it. And he also called out Brandon "I'm scared of Ryan Carter" Dubinsky [Backhand Shelf]

More from Monday's game- Justin Bourne breaks down the Devils 2nd goal that night [Backhand Shelf]

Travis Zajac's return will be very soon- potentially as soon as Friday against the Leafs [Fire and Ice]

Devils prospect Corbin McPherson has signed an ATO with the Albany Devils [A-Devs]

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Hockey Links

Scott Gomez is going to likely have the final two years of his contract bought out. And he expects that the Devils will welcome him back with open arms. Well guess what? Womp Womp. [Puck Daddy]

Other stuff that happens in the first 5 seconds of hockey games. And oddly enough, Scott Gomez is involved in one of those events [Down Goes Avery]

Home/Road Shot differentials for every team in the league. The Devils are good at preventing shots on the road and at home [Shutdown Line]

Graham James has been sentenced to two years in prison. Not enough time if you ask me [Puck Daddy]

Real Time Stats are bad performance indicators [Canucks Army]

Shane Doan's likely getting suspended for this [PHT]

Leafs fans want Brian Burke fired [PHT]