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Devils in the Details- 3/20/12: Line Brawl Goonfest Edition

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Your ultra scummy links for today

Recaps of Last night's action [][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD]

Bryce Salvador unfairly recieved a 10 minute misconduct for trying to help a bloodied Ryan Carter out [Fire and Ice][]

Peter DeBoer called out John Tortorella for alot of the hijinx (and hopefully, referee abuse) last night. I don't know whether or not I like or hate this guy [Fire and Ice]

And in case you missed it, video from the Line Brawl [SBNation]

Travis Zajac will accompany the team to Ottawa [Fire and Ice]

Are top pairing defensemen as easy to obtain as everyone suggests? [Copper and Blue]

Ryan Kesler is the latest athelete to support You Can Play [Canucks Army]

Sportsnet actually listed Mark Recchi as "Dr. Mark Recchi". Awesome [Puck Daddy]