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Devils in the Details- 3/17/12: St. Patrik's Day Edition

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Your links for today

Previews of tonight's action [Fire and Ice][][Devils][RWTD]

Devils goaltending prospect Scott Wedgewood has signed an entry level contract [Fire and Ice]

Jon Merrill and David Wohlberg scored in Michigan's 3-2 comeback win against Bowling Green [Mgoblue][SBN Detroit]

The Canucks might be in some financial doo-doo. [PHT]

Would having an enforcer have meant that Jeff Skinner wouldn't have been suspended? Probably not [Shutdown Line]

Jets fans taunt Alex Ovechkin by chanting "Crosby's better". Because chanting about another team's player makes so much sense [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Tailoring the new "Because it's the Cup" marketing strategy to Kings fans [The Royal Half]

Siri for Kings fans [Youtube]

Tuukka Rask is one scary leprechaun. [NESN]