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Devils in the Details- 3/15/12: Crosbymania Edition

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Your links for today (with no Crosby, because we all know ZIDLICKYMANIA>Crosbymania)

Travis Zajac will practice with the team. Which hopefully means he's back for good [Fire and Ice]

Adam Henrique might be tired, but he's ready to face off with his rookie rival Gabriel Landeskog [Fire and Ice]

Devils players pick the greatest athlete of all time []

Jon Merrill is ranked 7th amongst all defensive prospects [Dobberhockey]

Are you a Devils fan in Europe? If you are, I suggest checking out this site and participating [mntmp]

Figures, of all people, Erik Cole would high five a ref. Maybe they could show footage of him high fiving Brendan Shanahan as well [PHT]

The Toronto Maple Leafs regression was inevitable [The Leafs Nation]

The KHL is coming to America [Puck Drunk Love]

The Bruins could potentially lose the Northeast division to the Ottawa Senators. If you had the Sens winning the division this year, you could potentially be making some money [Puck Daddy]

The only people who seem to be mad about Alexander Radulov's return are... the Predators' rivals [On the Forecheck]

What should the Wild do with Mike Yeo? (I say fire him, the Homer Simpson boxing method only works in The Simpsons) [First Round Bust]