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Devils in the Details- 3/14/12: Nerd Rage Edition

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Your links for today

Devils Links

Recaps of last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD][BSH][PHT]

Ilya Kovalchuk regrets retaliating against Sean Couturier's spear (which, like every other punishable offense committed by the Devils, will go unpunished by Brendan Shanahan) [Fire and Ice]

Peter DeBoer said the team was expecting a better game from the Flyers []

Some Devils, like Mark Fayne think hybrid icing will be good [Fire and Ice]

Who are the best cost-per-point players on the Devils? [Speaking of the Devils]

Zach Parise's dad wants to see Zach Parise in Minnesota at some point. Because we all know Zach wants to lose [PHT]

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Hockey Links

Breaking down Cory Schneider's Restricted Free Agency [Canucks Army]

Manny Malhotra used to have some really awesome hair [Pass it to Bulis]

Sean Avery has apparently "retired", to avoid potentially getting humiliated in free agency (thanks for that one, C.J. Richey). Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Heyyy, Goodbye. [SBNation]

Steven Stamkos is the first player to reach 50 goals this year [Puck Daddy]

Sidney Crosby is back. Rabble Rabble [Puck Daddy]