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Devils in the Details- 3/12/12: Checkmate Sergei (Chowa Chung) Edition

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Your links for today (don't worry, no Russian or Chinese)

Recaps of last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD][PHT][BSH]

Martin Brodeur's brother wants him to retire after recording 666 wins. This isn't a joke [Puck Daddy]

Ilya Kovalchuk surprised everyone by passing it to a wide open Anton Volchenkov. Even Peter DeBoer was surprised [Fire and Ice]

Adam Larsson thinks he came back from injury too soon []

The 30 most dominant (and influential) figures in Devils history []

Of course, the most important was John McMullen []

Devils fans went to Nassau Coliseum on Saturday, so why not talk about being good hockey fans in the opposition's building? [Down Goes Avery]

This week's special guest on Talking Red- Walt Flannigan of Comic Book Men [Talking Red]

The New Jersey Devils have been doing some cheesy-ish viral videos [Backhand Shelf]

A good article on the Major-Junior/Minor Pro agreement and why it needs some changes [View From My Seats]