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Devils in the Details- 2/9/12: Return of Captain Crankypants Edition

Your links for today (which contrary to the title, will not put himself over the team)

Jamie Langenbrunner makes his return to the rock since he last plunged the team into mediocrity. I hope he gets booed worse than Gomez simply because he put himself before the team and quit on them. [Fire and Ice]

Speaking of Ex-Devils... here's a look at how other ex-Devils were treated [Down Goes Avery]

Cam Janssen is looking forward to face his former teammates... err watching his former teammates from the press box [Fire and Ice]

Johan Hedberg says that he will start Thursday [Fire and Ice]

The Devils aren't letting the winning streak get to their heads []

Greg Wyshynski wonders if the NHL needs referee challenges [Puck Daddy]

Ken Holland is good at drafting [Copper and Blue]