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Devils in the Details- 2/7/12: Pulling Hair Edition

Your links for today

Previews for tonight's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils]

A reminder- if you haven't already listen to this week's episode of Talking Red, do so. [In Lou We Trust]

Ilya Kovalchuk- your 2nd star of the week [Fire and Ice]

A perspective on the AHL weekend [Devils Army Blog]

Timo Seppa talks with the former Whalers owner about returning the NHL to Hartford. [Hockey Prospectus]

An awesome time killer- a list of connections between NHL players and colleges [College Hockey inc]

The Sabres year keeps getting worse and worse- Lindy Ruff breaks three ribs in practise [PHT]

Tom Sestito avoids punishment for... pulling hair. Yes, seriously [PHT]

Scott Gomez' goalless streak is impressive just because he's defying the odds [SBNation]