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Talking Red Season 2, Episode 21 - Back to Normal Format

On Sunday, David Sarch and Tom Stivali got together to discuss the recent week of New Jersey Devils hockey - and prior to their 5-2 win over Pittsburgh. Given that a Super Bowl took place on Sunday, we thought it best to feature it here now. In any case, wins over the Rangers, Canadiens, and Flyers are well worth discussing at any time - as were the 13 goals the Devils scored on goaltenders across all three games.

This week's episode is 43.65 MB large and 47:41 long. As usual, you can get it here directly from the Talking Red website, you can get it at iTunes or Stitcher, or you can continue on after the jump for a stream of the show. Here's David description of this week's episode.

It's back to the normal format for this weeks episode as David and Tom recap wins against the Rangers, Montreal and the Flyers. They highlight their favorite Clarkson Fall of the Week from this season, it even earns him a Bobby Abreu comparison. David and Tom also glance over Philadelphia goonery, a Kovalswing, and debate the merits of trading Parise and what would be an acceptable return.

Thanks to David and Tom for the show this week. You can your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com, tweet them to @TalkingRed, or just leave them here in the comments of this post. Again: after the jump is a stream of this week's show:

Thank you for listening.