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Devils in the Details- 2/3/12: Benching Edition

Your Links for today (in English, I promise...)

Recaps from last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD]

Patrik Elias and Matthieu Darche are amongst the players who may receive supplemental discipline. Keyword- MAY, because i'm pretty sure Darche is going to the Shanahan special of "weak poke on the wrist" [Fire and Ice]

P.K. Subban on the other hand, delivered a clean hit which knocked Adam Larsson out of the game []

Kurtis Foster got benched for being terrible at defense. About time PDB decided to hold players accountable [Fire and Ice]

The Devils say that their financial problems aren't going to stop them from re-signing Zach Parise. Good []

Brian Burke talks about the possibility of an openly gay hockey player [CBC]

Not only does Dean Lombardi suck at signing free agents, he doesn't understand basic physics [PHT]

The importance of having a good 4th line. Ones which don't feature dead weight [View From My Seats]

Rob Vollman on outlier years- and yes, Kurtis Foster's one good season was an outlier [Hockey Prospectus]

Sam Gagner scored 8 points last night. 8 points! [Backhand Shelf]

Absurd KHL goal [Backhand Shelf]

Absurd NHL own goal by Dan Boyle. Love Steve Ott's backchecking there too [Battle of California]